Central Coast NSW Cloth Nappy Washing Service

Lavenderia NappyCare is proudly Australia's greenest nappy solution - delivering hygenically clean modern cloth nappies to your door every week!

- Affordable AND sustainable

- Most comprehensive Nappy Kit available

- Simple to use, easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

- 24/7 phone and email support 

- Servicing most areas of Central Coast, NSW

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The EARTH is what we ALL have in common!

- Wendell Berry

Why Switch to Modern Cloth Nappies?

There are SO many reasons why - and even more benefits! Here are just a few...

Safety With more and more studies being done confirming that toxic chemicals in disposable nappies are leaching, never has there been a better time get into cloth!

Affordability Our nappy washing and delivery services are an affordable alterntive to disposables - that don't cost the earth!

Giving Back Every nappy used on our any of our services results in clean drinking water donations to children in developing nations and every service booking means a tree planted!

Earth Friendly We know that every choice you make has an impact, so everything we do is designed to help you help our planet! From reducing waste to donating water, from planting trees to assisting developing nations - every time you do business with us, you do good in the world!  

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

Here's what a couple of our amazing clients have said.

"If you're looking for support to transition to reusable nappies the Lavenderia team are superb."

Rowena Kostos, - Sydney, NSW

"Fantastic customer service, and a service I'd recommend to anyone!"

Dr Angus Heseltine - Mosman Family Chiropractic

The Lavenderia Story: Hi, I'm Louisa!

Lavenderia NappyCare was created by a Mum, FOR Mums (and Dads!) who are seeking an easy, convenient and affordable way to reduce their footprint and make an positive impact on our planet. 

Welcome to the Lavenderia Family! 

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